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Arkam Rehman, M.D. Premiere Spine & Musculo-Skeletal Pain Specialist

Arkam Rehman, M.D. Premiere Spine & Musculo-Skeletal Pain Specialist using cutting edge procedures after a thorough evaluation to help your pain the best way he can.

Arkam Rehman, M.D. Premiere Spine & Musculo-Skeletal Pain Specialist


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Experienced in treating all kind of pain problems including sports injuries, general soft tissue and bone and joint pain, and disc issues of the neck and lower back.

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Welcome to Dr. Arkam Rehman, M.D.’s medical practice. Double Board Certified in Pain & Rehabilitation Medicine and experienced Regenerative Medicine (Commonly referred to as Stem Cell Therapy) Physician who has been blessed to have a made a difference in countless people’s lives. Using cutting edge techniques to help with Headaches/Migraines, Neck & Lower Back Pain from Disc and Arthritis issues of the Spine, Hip, Knee, Shoulder and other Nerve and Joint problems. Erectile Dysfunction/Female Sexual Dysfunction and other Gynaecological Pain issues.

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Image result for Lumbar discsLumbar Disc Herniation Terminology - Illinois Chiropractic Society

When accidents and Injuries injure the lumbar discs, the pain is typically worse with sitting, driving, & coughing etc. A badly injured disc may cause pain literally doing anything & everything. Key is to understand whats causing the pain, i.e. if its only the disc or other structures such as spinal Joints & soft tissue etc. are also contributing to the pain. Dr. Rehman treats the condition conservatively, and if that does not work, he manages it in a minimally invasive manner as research supports that early intervention results in better outcomes. Dr. Rehman offers cutting edge disc treatments that are done with Needles / Endoscopic camera’s, and not knives with the patient simply comfortably sedated without full General Anesthesia. See him to discuss your pain, review the original films, and see if you are a candidate for Spinal Disc endoscopic treatment.


SI Joint Dysfunction - SI Joint Symptoms | SI-BONE

Research shows that a significant number of patients with lower back injuries suffer from Sacro-illiac Joint related pain. Sacroilliac Joint Injuries maybe solo i.e. Just the joint is causing the pain, or a combination where the lower lumbar Disc can be injured in addition to the sacro-illiac joint and both are causing the pain. Key is to diagnose it correctly before treating it. If rehabilitation and conservative care does not help, then Dr. Rehman can confirm the diagnosis by reviewing the MRI Films & EMG-NCV studies of the nerves, & numbing the sacroilliac joint with an injection. Then minimally invasive stabilization option is there to help you with your pain while Comfortably Sedated so that you don’t feel the pain. Instead of knives, as in the past and present, Dr. Rehman uses modern techniques to take care of you with needles as the advanced Percutaneous methods now usually allow us to live a comfortable life without open surgeries.


Whiplash Pain? New York Whiplash Injury Doctor Can Help

Whiplash Injuries are very common after car accidents especially when we are not expecting it and are rear-ended. Whiplash injuries cause micro tears in the supporting muscles and ligaments of the spine and also cause bio-mechanical injuries to the Facet Joints etc. of the spine especially the neck. These neck injuries commonly cause post whiplash headaches. These headaches can be either secondary to whiplash injuries of the neck or from primary head injury such as Concussion or local Nerve Damage. They are usually treated conservatively with massage, and rehabilitation but if that is not working, commonly a combination of injections and blocks are done to help reduce the inflammation and promote tissue healing. Dr. Rehman can address above from simplest to most complex treatment usually using fine Accupuncture grade needles and modern medical breakthroughs to help you with your pain and live a comfortable life.


Identifying the Most Common Symptoms of Severe Spinal Pain - i-Spine  Institute - Dr. Jamie Gottlieb | Indiana Orthopedic, Sports, and  Neurological Surgeons

When Spinal Facet Joints of the neck, Mid and lower back are injured by an accident or injury, they cause general pain across the spine such as the neck area with concomitant headaches in many cases. Mid back (Thoracic Spine) and lower back pain also comes from the Facet Joints. Similarly, Joints such as hip, knee, & Sacro-Illiac also can start causing pain from ageing and injuries sustained in these accidents. These can be addressed by the modern Radio-Frequency nerve treatment procedures that are done with mild sedation to make you comfortable, and offer significant relief of pain with improvement or resolution of neck pain and headaches, Mid to Lower Back Pain and joints such as Knee and Hip Joints. Dr. Rehman has extensive experience using Radio_Frequency having treated probably at least 10,000 plus nerves this way.



CH-Alpha was developed in Germany to help people to enjoy an active lifestyle and to keep their joints flexible. CH-Alpha with unique Bioactive Collagen Peptides® is the first product that really keeps your joints strong and flexible through the natural regeneration of joint cartilage. It gives people back quality of life. 70% of the cartilage substance consists of collagen. Collagen makes the joints smooth and flexible. Unlike many other products, CH-Alpha is a natural product. It has been observed to help with soft tissue conditions in addition to cartilage related issues. Examples are with car accident cases etc where people have reported improved pain after just a couple months of use.


Spina Cord Stimualtion

Patients who are suffering from severe chronic unrelenting pain that affects the lifestyle adversely and is not responsive to traditional therapies can be helped, in many cases, by Spinal Cord or peripheral Neuro-stimulation. Neuro-stimulation works by applying an electrical current to the source of chronic pain in the spine. This creates a pleasant sensation that blocks the brain’s ability to sense the previously perceived pain. The pain may be 100% better or 50%, but the effect on quality of life is profound with the patient now enjoying outdoor and indoor activities in less or no pain. A permanent unit can be placed to help with ongoing pain relief if the few day trial is successful. It can totally change a persons life who has been in severe pain in the past giving them new life and new hope for the future.