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Arkam Rehman, M.D. Premiere Spine & Musculo-Skeletal Pain Specialist

Known for providing the highest level of service, Dr. Rehman does not believe in running a Pain Mill, but works in a Personalized Manner to Diagnose & Treat your Pain. He believes in listening to the patients pain, seeing the films himself and educating the patient. He is blessed to have made a substantial difference in many patients lives.

Arkam Rehman, M.D. Premiere Spine & Musculo-Skeletal Pain Specialist


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From Bulging Discs to Arthritis & Trauma causing Lower Back, Neck Pain & Headaches, to Bone & Joint/Sports Injuries, Dr. Rehman is a highly Experienced Regenerative Medicine Specialist with 22 years of Experience in Treating these issues without Surgery using your Body's abilities to heal itself. A Consultation can Change your Life for the Better.

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Welcome to Dr. Arkam Rehman, MD’s Medical Practice
Double Board Certified in Pain & Rehabilitation Medicine and Experienced Regenerative Medicine Physician who has been blessed to have a made a difference in countless people’s lives. Using cutting edge techniques to help with Headaches/Migraines, Neck & Lower Back Pain from Disc and Arthritis issues of the Spine, Hip, Knee, Shoulder and other Nerve and Joint problems. Erectile Dysfunction/Female Sexual Dysfunction and other Regenerative/Pain issues.

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Image result for Lumbar discsLumbar Disc Herniation Terminology - Illinois Chiropractic Society

When accidents and Life injures the Lumbar/Spinal discs, the pain is typically worse with sitting, driving, coughing etc. and may go down one or both Arms/ Legs. OsteoArthritis usually causes more pain with standing, walking and position changes.

Dr. Rehman believes in Listening to the pain to understand what structure/s are causing the pain as fire starts small and then spreads all over. Followed by exam and review of real films and not just the reports, he Empowers you with Knowledge and Understanding of what you have and the treatment options covered both by insurance and non covered Modern treatments.

Dr. Arkam Rehman is uniquely trained and is an experienced physician who can not only address selected disc and arthritis issues with very thin needles using most advanced Regenerative Medicine Techniques, but he can also perform cutting edge disc treatments that are done with other Needle System / Endoscopic camera’s, and not knives. He is probably the ONLY least invasive MD in North Flroida doing Cervical Disc Decompressions with a Needle as it takes a level of training, experience, and skills to do such procedures. 


SI Joint Dysfunction - SI Joint Symptoms | SI-BONE

Research shows that a significant number of patients with lower back injuries suffer from Sacro-illiac Joint related pain. Sacroilliac Joint Injuries maybe solo i.e. Just the joint is causing the pain, or a combination where the lower lumbar Disc can be injured in addition to the sacro-illiac joint and both are causing the pain. Key is to diagnose it correctly before treating it. If rehabilitation and conservative care does not help, then Dr. Rehman can confirm the diagnosis by reviewing the MRI Films & EMG-NCV studies of the nerves, & numbing the sacroilliac joint with an injection.

Once confirmed, the patient can choose simple Regenerative Medicine Techniques allowing their own body to heal themselves vs minimally invasive stabilization option to help you with your pain while Comfortably Sedated so that you don’t feel the procedural pain. Instead of knives, Dr. Rehman uses modern Regenerative etc. techniques to take care of you with needles.

These revolutionary Treatments change your life for the better without need for Invasive Open Surgeries. He believes in Simple and less invasive is better and his results support that.


Occipital Neuralgia & Cervicogenic Headache - Practical Neurology

Many patients classified as Migraine patients know that their Migraine Headaches typically start at the Base or Top of the neck and then spread out to cause the headache attacks. These episodes do react to typical Migraine etc. medications but the cause stays unknown. Trauma and Whiplash Injuries also result in damage to crucial spinal structures and result in Headaches at the BASE OF THE HEAD along other areas.

Dr. Rehman addresses the cause of these attacks and by accurately diagnsing what structure is triggering the attacks, is able to help a great number of patients get free from or dramatically lower the Migraine/Headache attacks. His goal is to heal the problem instead of a BandAid all the time so you get yout life back.

 Dr. Rehman helps diagnose the pain generator by lisetning and examining the patient and then reviewing the films with his own eyes and educates you where the pathology Likely lies. Once problem is identified, a confirmatory block to numb & deInflame the target usually confirms that this is the pain generator. Regenerative Injections are an option at that point that are lifechanging for the patients where X Ray Guided injection/s can totally change the patients life for the better. Dr. Rehman can address above from simplest to most complex treatment usually using fine Accupuncture grade needles and modern medical breakthroughs to help you heal from within.

Regenerative Medicine Shot & Program for ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION

The Only Erectile Dysfunction Advice You'll Ever Need - Haute Beauty by  Haute Living

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common disorder affecting the population at large and can affect many aspects of a persons life. From poor self confidence with their partner with reduced sex drive, to inability to get an erection or to maintain it. Further sexual funtional impairment comes with premature ejaculation to delayed ejaculation, to anorgasmia or inability to achieve an organsm.

Dr. Rehman is an experienced Regenerative Medicine Specialist and treats Erectile Dysfunction as a part and parcel of his training and experience. From detailed evaluation to the probable causes of the patients ED, to treatment options including medications, psychological counseling, to Ground laying Advanced Ortho-Biologic /P-Shot like options, and The SG Wave Advanced Therapy, majority of patients respond to the above treatments thus changing their Lives and Confidence when it comes to Male Performance.

Dont let Life Stop you in your tracks. Be confident and take the bull by the horns.

Female Orgasmic Shot (Like O-Shot), & Stress Incontinence Regenerative Treatment

Female Orgasmic Dysfunction Therapy Shot in Columbus - West Georgia Medicine

Inability to have an Orgasm and or poor arousal in intimacy affects 40-50% women. O-Shot is a trademarked shot where the targeted injection of PRP & / Ortho-Biologics results in Neuro-Vascular Regenerative action involving your deep & delicate nerve endings and results in better arousal and stimulation effects on female intimacy. Its featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan and is extensively used nationally changing women’s intimacy lives for the better. A Variation of these and Botox Injections can also help with painful Sexual Intercourse.

Stress related Urinary Incontinence affects a great majority of women at different phases of their lives. The range can be 30% in younger subsets to about 70% in older female populations. Modern option is  to help with the Regenerative Medicine option. With a carefully formualted rehabilitative program, we address above by using carefully formulated dietary & Fluid support, combined with pelvic floor support exercises, our SG Wave Therapy, & delicate Pelvic Regenerative Injections to strengthen and rejuvenate the Pelvic Floor.

Regenerative Medicine for Knee, Hip, Shoulders, Elbow, Ankle, Thumb etc.

What is Arthritis? - The Bodyworks Clinic Marbella Spain

Dr. Rehman was an early adopter of Regenerative Medicine nationally. From his time with Hampshire Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Dr. Rehman was interested in Regenerative techniques to help with patient healing and recovery so they can return to Athletic Sports activities faster.

Having done these treatments for close to 15 years using Ortho-Biologics, his clinical experience is essentially unmatched. He is amongst the elite subset of doctors in the country using these natural Regenerative Treatments for disorders of the Discs, Bone & Joints including Lower Back, Neck, Hip, Knee, Shoulder and other Joints to get people their quality of life back because with better quality of life, life becomes much better to live.

We Treat our patients with a combination of nutritional and other adjunctive Regenerative protocols that help maximize the clinical outcomes. These combined with our modern SG Wave therapy and specifically designed Regenerative Adjunctive Protocols, our patient results speak for themselves.


PRP, Biologics & MORE for Hair ReGrowth

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss | Chicago Cosmetic Institute

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections are an established method of helping rejuvenate the hair follicles to promote hair health. PRP results in neovascularization that helps promote hait follicle health and has been known to positively affect the thickness and health of exisitng hair and promote new hair regrowth in majority of people with male pattern baldness. It can help both men and women get a fuller head of hair naturally.

Not all PRP is created equal. Here at Sunshine Spine, Dr. Rehman does not use the 10-20 cc Platelet kits that only concentrate the platelets by a factor of 2 because they are cheaper to buy and are more profitable for clinics. He uses the Emcyte system with 30/60 ml kits that concentrate the platelets by a factor of 8 – 10 x thus resulting in superior results with ADEQUATE TRUE CONCENTRATE TO INJECT. When it comes to PRP, make sure you ask how many cc kit/tube is being used by the clinic and if its just a plasma mix thats being injected or true Adequate Amount Platelet concentrate that we use to make a real difference in your pain.

Botox Cosmetic & Therapeutic


As part of the Elite & Upscale Jon Ric Salon & Day Spa, Dr. Rehman has extensive training and experience in doing Cosemtic & Therapeutic Botox Injections for Cosmetic purposes of the Face & Neck areas, Botox for Under Arm Sweating, Hand Sweating, and other Medical Indications.

He is an experienced Clinician who is not only blessed to be incredible with needles, but who has both knowledge and experience using these safe products to get the optimal results for the patients. He also has taken care of countless patients doing Botox Injections for Headaches & Migraines and is an advanced Botox Injector for conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Brain Injury, and Spinal Cord Injury patients in relieving painful muscle contractures.

SG Shock Wave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) Treatable Conditions

At SSP, we use modern SG High Energy Shock Wave Therapy to treat different Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal conditions like Pregnancy Induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Lower Back Pain & Tightness, Neck Pain, Hip, Knee, and Ankle Pain.

Our SG Wave therapy is an adjunct in treating OsteoArthritis & soft tissue related Spine, & Joint etc problems to help improve pain without Steroid injections.


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Integrated Wellness is our philosophy and we believe in treating the whole you and not just the symptoms of the problem. We use tailored nutritional support combined with alternative treatments that are shown to support health and wellness to form a personalized program for your health.

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