Sunshine Spine

Full Face Laser /IPL Hair Removal
Bare beauty, face embraced

Full Face Bare beauty, face embraced

Full Face Bare beauty, face embraced, Package of 6 treatments. (Done at our affiliates office)

Experience effortless beauty with our Laser Hair Removal treatment for full face featuring advanced Viora IPL and ND Yag technology for minimal discomfort. Say goodbye to unwanted facial hair with our innovative approach. Viora IPL targets melanin in hair follicles, while ND Yag technology provides deeper penetration for all skin tones.

Achieve smooth, hair-free skin without the pain of traditional methods. Embrace the confidence of a flawless complexion, tailored to your unique needs. Bid farewell to the hassle of constant plucking or waxing. Schedule your session today and reveal the beauty of pain-free hair removal!

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