1-19-04_aWe know that you are experiencing pain from your accident, and that this has changed your life to a certain degree. Dr. Rehman’s medical practice is a medical facility dedicated to helping you recover from your accident injuries. Our goal is to help ease your pain and regain mobility, as well as to hasten the repair of the physical damage done by this life-altering accident injury.

Arkam Rehman, M.D. has extensive experience in treating Auto Accident/ whiplash related injuries. He spent four years working with an Orthopedic Group in Massachusetts where he learned to evaluate and treat these injuries with an Orthopedic/ musculoskeletal medicine perspective. During his time at the Anesthesia based Pain Practice, he expanded his knowledge and treatment protocols from a different specialty’s perspective. His total experience has given him a unique outlook and experience in evaluating and treating spinal injuries and he is always trying to do better himself trying to keep abreast of the newer research and treatment options.

At Dr. Rehman’s clinic, precise diagnosis is made with history and physical examination, complemented with personal review of x-ray films & MRIs etc. As needed nerve conduction studies can complement the diagnosis. Injections are recommended and done as needed for the best possible outcome.

Please keep in mind that auto insurance policies cover most of the treatments performed. We will file the paper work letting you focus on your health. Please bring you auto claim documents and any attorney info (to make the process go faster).