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A crucial requirement for MSC-based OA therapy is the delivery of the cells to the defect site. Direct intra-articular injection might be possible in early stages of the disease when the defect is restricted to the cartilage layer, whereas a scaffold or matrix of some kind would be required to support the MCSs in cases where the subchondral bone is exposed over large areas. Read More



About half of chronic low back pain is felt to stem from the intervertebral disc, generally from small tears in the outer portion of the disc.  This is often referred to as “discogenic pain.” Intradiscal PRP is a procedure in which platelet-rich plasma is used for healing of the disc tissue.  If we feel that your back pain may be stemming from the intervertebral disc, you may be a candidate to for PRP.



Platelet activation plays a key role in the process of wound and soft tissue healing. The use of platelet rich plasma (PRP), a portion of the patient’s own blood having a platelet concentration above baseline, to promote healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints, can be applied to various musculoskeletal problems. Clinical studies have demonstrated that PRP injections have improved function and decreased pain to various maladies.



Cooled radiofrequency (cooled RF) is a minimally invasive treatment option targeting nerves that are causing pain. Cooled RF can be used to alleviate pain from back pain, sacroiliac joint pain, hip pain, knee pain. During the procedure, an electrode is inserted in the area near the irritated nerves. The electrode heats and cools a small area of nerve tissue, decreasing pain signals from that specific area.



We developed CH-Alpha to help people to enjoy an active lifestyle and to keep their joints flexible. CH-Alpha with unique Bioactive Collagen Peptides® is the first product that really keeps your joints strong and flexible through the natural regeneration of joint cartilage. It gives people back quality of life. 70% of the cartilage substance consists of collagen. Collagen makes the joints smooth and flexible. Unlike many other products, CH-Alpha is a natural product. Read More


Spina Cord Stimualtion

In general, neurostimulation works by applying an electrical current to the source of chronic pain. This creates a pleasant sensation that blocks the brain’s ability to sense the previously perceived pain. There are two related forms of electrical stimulation commonly used to treat chronic pain In spinal cord stimulation, soft, thin wires with electrical leads on their tips are placed through a needle in the back near to the spinal column…Read More

Where surgery is indicated, we work with teams of experienced Orthopedic and Neuro-Spine surgeons in Jacksonville area where we can coordinate care so that if the patient is deemed surgical, we can refer them to the best trained and experienced spine surgeons with a proven track record who use the minimally invasive approach, wherever that’s possible, to do what we refer to in simple lay terms as Arthroscopic Disc Decompressions with Microscopes and Metryx Tube System thus giving superior results and faster recovery.

Sunshine Spine & Pain, PA main office is located in the state of the art Baptist Medical Center South Campus, in Medical Office Building II where we do advanced in house procedures. The state of the art 100% electronic hospital offers modern MRI, CT scanning, and rehabilitation services and the local Marriott inn offers a pleasant and elegant convenient location adjacent to the clinic to serve the Spine Center’s travelling patient needs immediately adjacent to the spine center. The present two locations in Jacksonville have a total square footage of approximately 7000 square feet. We have in house modern X ray equipment at both of our locations to help the Physicians do spinal procedures with least waiting period as possible to make it convenient for the patients who are in pain and need help fast. We also have advanced ultrasound equipment to help with localization of the pain generator to facilitate Platelet rich plasma injections and other targeted therapies.

We also offer regular and most advanced Cool Radiofrequency equipment that has helped revolutionize the non surgical care of Sacroilliac injuries, and Failed spinal surgeries and other conditions such as from Auto Accidents and other spine related injuries as well as hip and knee.

We use advanced Neurodiagnostic testing with EMG’s and Nerve Conduction Studies (NCV’s) in house and with local neurologists to help localized if a single nerve root is causing the SCIATICA, where multiple disc herniations etc are present, to do the most focused minimally invasive procedures that increases the injection success rates significantly thus simplifying spine care and avoi ding the shot gun therapy used blindly in many other clinics thus giving us an edge in patient satisfaction regarding pain relief.

Dr Rehman has been doing ligament etc regenerative work with Prolotherapy since 2002. Not only do we try to heal tissues/ sturctures with traditional prolotherapy, but we are also offerring Platelet Rich Plasma injections to help heal the difficult to heal back and sports injuries. We use the most modern technology available to try to heal joint/ligament injuries.